International visitors


Your bilingual support for the logistic of your international visitors

As a company operating internationally, you will integrate foreign employees to your staff, you will welcome interlocutors, customers, prospects or partners on your site in Nantes or in its region.

For your foreign employee,

you can set up a support service to facilitate their arrival and installation, without having to second one of your employees to this task, such as:

Assistance for settlement:  rental documents, entry inventory of the flat, setting services in the house (technical appointments for electricity, gas, water, phone and internet), insurance subscription, opening of a bank account, moving, etc.

Help with administrative and legal proceedings: procedures related to change of residence, constitution of the file for identification documents, for Social security, Family allowance fund (CAF), driving licence or  car registration.

Assistance for the partner and children: search for childcare facilities, nurseries, customized help for the partner to identify activities related to his/her interests, help with job seeking, search and registration to sport clubs or after-school activities.

Support for social life and relationships: recommendation for visits, development of social life, assistance for the family to integrate new circles thanks to your leisure and passions (clubs, expatriates or neighbourhood groups, for example).

For your visits, meetings, etc​

whether it is workshops, study trips, visits of industrial sites, seminars, conferences and conventions, the general logistic contributes to ensure the success of the meeting.

I take care of the logistic aspects of your foreign visitors’ stay, such as:

Welcoming of the visitors at the airport of Nantes Atlantique or at the train station to secure the arrival of the visitors.

Supervision of the transfer to the selected hotel then to your site and vice versa to guarantee a timely strat of your meeting.

Selection of must-see places, restaurants, visits of Nantes and shops (souvenirs and local products) so that your visitors keep a good memory of their stay.

Ensure the return of the visitors to the airport or train station to guaranty a full service until departure.

Bilingual English assistance at all time to relieve you on logictic.

Each visit and each delegation is different, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss about your next project. I will then offer you a custom made and flexible service adapted to your needs.