You will soon be expatriated in the North-West of France? You are relocated, in national or international geographical mobility, a new inhabitant in Nantes, in Loire-Atlantique or in the Pays de la Loire region?  Need help to settle down or customized support?

I can answer your questions on your integration and help you to prepare and organize your arrival!
I will take care of the logistic and administrative proceedings, I make your daily life easier and assist you for a carefree settlement in your new environment!

Expatriation, Relocation and Mobility

Personal bilingual consultant for your expatriation, relocation or international mobility

Just like a conductor, I take care of the organisation and co-ordinate all players and service contractors for a successful settlement in Nantes, in the Loire-Atlantique department.


“Excursion” visit (hotels, planes or trains booking, transport from and to the airport, etc.), Assistance to gather rental documents, Power of attorney for your flat rental contract, Advise and support for the entry inventory of the flat, Assistance with setting services in the house (technical appointments for electricity, gas, water, phone and internet), Advice and assistance for the insurance subscription, the opening of a bank account, being there on the actual moving day, Assistance for furnishing, etc.

Administrative and legal proceedings:

Support for the procedures related to change of residence, Constitution of the file for identification documents, for Social security, Family allowance fund (CAF), Carrying out the application form for the driving licence or registering a vehicle, Doing language support (translation of documents and interpretation during appointments with the administration)

Your partner and children:

Help with children’s schooling, search for childcare facilities, nurseries, support during the school visits, customized help for your partner to identify activities related to his/her interests, Help with job seeking, Search and registration to sport clubs or after-school activities

The city and relationships:

Recommendation for visits, Development of social life, Assistance for the family to integrate new circles thanks to your leisure and passions (clubs, expatriates or neighbourhood groups, for example)

Practically speaking:

After a first meeting, face-to-face, by phone, with video-conference or Skype, I assess your needs, your expectations and your concerns. This first meeting allows me to understand you, to wisely advise you, and to answer your requests. Link to contact form.

I write a roadmap adapted to your issues, which will indicate the time required for each need in order to quickly find solutions.
Upon approval of the quote, I ask for 25% of the estimated amount in advance.

A regular reporting will keep you informed in real time of the progress made with your proceedings. Your documents are immediately accessible in a personal on-line space.
Regular intermediary meetings are set to check the evolution of your needs.

The final bill will be based on the actual number of hours spent on your mission, thanks to the intermediary validations done together.

About me


Géraldine, your assisting person

My expatriate life and the Why and How…

During my personal life, I have been an expatriate leaving in Italy and Finland for several years. The main technical details were taken care of, but the “little things” were what requested the most effort (after all, the devil is in the details!): e.g. open an internet line when nobody speaks your language, find leisure to keep me busy in my free time, meet other people, etc.

Picture of Géraldine CLOUARD-RAFFANEL
Géraldine CLOUARD-RAFFANEL, freelance since 2013

French-English logistic assistant

My experience abroad allowed me to become a French-English logistic assistant for teams of international experts performing audits in high-tech fields throughout Europe and Asia. I take care of the logistic part of the missions so that they can focus on their core business.

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Booking meeting rooms
  • Computer needs
  • Respect of confidentiality
  • General logistic

In my day-to-day work, I know that it is the small details that make the difference! Considering the particular needs of each person so that they feel at ease is what matters to me during my missions.

A communication person

Lastly, I love communication: I organize events, support customers from small and medium-sized companies for their visibility (logos, web sites, brochures, e.g.). I put clients in touch with providers. I like social networks because I love to share new locations, my discoveries, or discuss news and events in Nantes and its surroundings.

Now that I live in a city that I adore and thanks to my professional background as well as my experience, I am aware of the difficulties that you can be faced with. Thus, I intend to share all this and make life beautiful for expatriates and new inhabitants who come to settle there.

News and Social Media

News and Social medias

Stay tuned for the latest news about expatriation, relocation and geographical and international mobility on my LinkedIn page, as well as the events in Nantes and the last places to discover on my Facebook page!

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